Jonathan Ross

Writer and Consultant in Los Angeles, California

I am an award-winning writer, interactive project manager/producer and business consultant based in Los Angeles, California. My work draws upon more than 18 years of comprehensive experience in project management, creative content development (a.k.a. "writing"), marketing, and strategic business development within the Media / Entertainment, Interactive Technology and Lifestyle / Recreational industries. However, I have consulted for businesses in a wide range of additional industries, including Aerospace / Defense, Automotive, Business Services, Construction, Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Government, Healthcare / Life Sciences, Legal, Real Estate and Travel / Transportation.

I believe that I bring a unique perspective to my work, blending both creative and analytical capabilities which are often not encountered together. This enables me to both plan and execute projects at a high-level. For those who put stock in such things, I am apparently a very rare "Rational Mastermind" (INTJ) according to Myers-Briggs testing. I will also confess to being an occasional provocateur and more often than not a raconteur, and have been known to pass in certain company as a thaumaturge and dramaturge, which rapidly exhausts my knowledge of French.

My journey as an itinerant consultant began in 2000, in part a reaction to the dot-com implosion, and I subsequently founded Black Rock Consulting as a solo practice in 2003 to further my efforts. I developed the concept of the “Zentropist” and launched the "Tao of the Zentropist" blog in January 2009 as a personal brand-building exercise and means of promoting my personal and business philosophy, which is influenced heavily by Eastern wisdom traditions including Ch'an (Zen) Buddhism and Taoism, yet retains Western ideals of independence and self-reliance while acknowledging the interconnected nature of all things. Since April 2013, I have been working for a privately and closely held Aerospace & Defense firm based in the Los Angeles area; since May 2014 my work has been almost exclusively defense-related and involves frequent domestic and international travel.

I’m a dedicated martial artist (Krav Maga, Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu, Xingyi Quan and Tai Chi Quan), outdoorsman (with a keen interest in tracking) and on some level at least, aspiring alchemist.

Please contact me for further information regarding my creative portfolio or for samples of work.

  • Work
    • Black Rock Consulting
  • Education
    • University of Southern California (USC), Duke University