Jonathan Deans

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Hey, my name is Jonathan and I am a 20 year old studying for a Bachelor in Game Design at SAE QANTM in Brisbane, Australia. I have been interested in games from a young age and have decided to study game design in order to broaden my knowledge and hopefully join the industry.

Background: I was born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland for the first fourteen years of my life before my family decided to make the move to Australia. Finishing my final year of school in late 2011, I have been working full time for Queensland Health ever since, only now finally taking a break to expand my knowledge. Ever since I started playing video games, I’ve become attached to them and have drawn inspiration from them over the years. My first game being Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, my parents introduced me to video games and I still haven’t stopped playing them.

Current: Right now I am attempting to broaden my knowledge in order to create games for a select audience, I have no plans to join a large company but I wish to create experiences for oppressed minorities who have no representation in current games. As a queer person myself, I know that representation in the media is important for people of all ages, and I hope to become someone who can create these games for people, and potentially become an inspiration for other queer artists.

Interests: My current interests include political science, history, geography, foreign culture studies, queer studies, photography, and criminal investigations.

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