A-1 Certified Environmental Services

environmental services in San Francisco, California

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A-1 Certified Environmental Services provides quality Independent Mold Inspection Services. Mold remediation can be costly. Pre-testing will allow us to confirm the presence of black mold and other toxic or non-toxic mold conditions. Let us find out if you really have a mold problem. It is possible that remediation may not be required. We are not affiliated with any Removal Companies or Mold Remediation. We PROMISE that our customers will receive objective, non-bias test results!

We perform Home Testing and Inspections for all of the above services. In addition, we provide commercial indoor air quality testing and mold testing services. We are the premier Testing Company for your commercial and residential needs. To avoid a conflict of interest we do NOT remove mold, lead. However, we help ensure the quality of your property by imparting knowledgeable advice for your situation.