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Today's market believes in keeping pace with constantly changing trends and offering good quality and technologically upgraded products and services to consumers who always keep a keen eye on the quality and price of the product. A-laser is a premium laser cutting service and precision parts manufacturer based in Milpitas, California offering its services to a wide variety of end markets which include medical, industrial, electronical, automotive, among others.

A-laser uses top-of-the-line laser technology which includes ultra violet lasers, infrared lasers, and CO2 lasers which help in achieving higher cut quality and increased complex designs. A-laser is delivering innovative products by integrating broad process capabilities which include laser marking, chemical etching, bending etc,. Founded in 2006 to concentrate solely on the precision parts industry, A-laser works closely with leading laser manufacturer LPKF to expand its services to a wide range of industries. Their culture of curiosity and experimenting has lead them to a path of success and sustainable growth.

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