Abdelrahman Abdalla

Amman, Jordan

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Provider of winning strategies for global financial enterprises, have a huge interest in Social Media, Online Marketing and SEO. Fluent in Arabic and English languages.

Demonstrated expertise in business development, project and program management, portfolio management, sales & marketing, and customer satisfaction.

Specialized in transaction consulting in domestic and global stock exchanges, attainment and structure of venture capital deals, and retail banking.

Performed quantitative and statistical analysis for global business and finance with focus on emerging trends.

Engaged with cross-functional and external entities for achievement of corporate mission.

Advanced multi-tiered, complex agendas in challenging settings.

Maximized opportunities to increase personal value to organizations.

Attended several targeted courses related to the Finance Industry.

Outstanding experience in selling investment solutions to both institutional and private clients segments.

  • Work
    • Dana Translation
  • Education
    • BBA - American University of Beirut