Abdurrahman Avcioglu

Ankara, Turkey

Abdurrahman Avcioglu is a creative engineer with a passion for energy and technology. He is currently working as project manager in MIKES Inc. (subsidiary or ASELSAN).

He has several years’ experience in different positions of top Turkish companies in various industries. He was working as an engineer at ENKA Power, Turkey’s leader electricity manufacturer, and conducted his thesis study "implementation of project management method in outage projects" with ENKA. As an IT specialist in Turkcell, he has developed his IT and soft skills such as leadership and communication. At present, he has been working as project manager in MIKES Inc. ,subsidiary of Aselsan, managing several projects simultaneously budgeted over 50 $ M.

He graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU) as with a bachelor of science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and holding master of science degree in Project Management and Operational Development from Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). As a member of university student councel and chairman of department representatives, he had represented over 1000 students at METU.

Abdurrahman has participated in many volunteer activies such as reconstructing village house for homeless people in France, landscaping nature park in Germany, and being board member and organizer of several student organizations and community projects. He has played basketball for years and participated in various national and local basketball tournaments. A world traveler, he has experienced the middle age atmosphere of Prague, watched sundown in Ibiza, and has got lost wandering the streets of Venice.

  • Work
    • Mikes(Aselsan)
  • Education
    • Royal Institute of Technology
    • Middle East Technical University