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Hi! I’m the sometimes quirky, unconventional and often contrary (mostly to myself) author, A.C. Melody.

I’m a new breed of author known as a Hybrid (I’m so in love with that label), because I’m both traditionally and self-published. ♥ #IndieAuthors

Erotica and all its savory sub-genres is my absolute favorite to read and write. I have a weakness for Hard Ass Alphas with bad attitudes and it’s icing if they’re supernatural on top of it. I write strong women, no matter how submissive or demure they are, they have a core of strength and the willingness to admit their flaws/evolve and grow – not just demand that of their men! I have very little patience for one-sided, hypocritical romances.

I drink ridiculous amounts of coffee, like my snacks salty, my chocolate dark, my men intellectually irresistible and my football American. Most importantly, I enjoy humor in all of its wondrous forms. Dry, witty, sarcastic, I understand it, I speak it fluently and all too often, so do my characters.

I’m completely guilty of placing all my money on the underdogs, the anti-heroes and the shameless whores.

Thanks for stopping by! -- A.C. Melody xoxo


Available Titles:

The Zen Lounge: A futuristic Erotic Romance set in 2192 with Crime/Detective elements.

Available for Preorder & a FREE Downloadable sample now:

Collar Me Foxy: An Erotic BDSM novella to kick off my new series, Dark Day Isle: The Ultimate Kink Resort.

Coming August 1, 2016:

Avarice: A Dark Erotic-BDSM-Paranormal. The first of a 3-piece novella collection to my new Hell on Earth series about the Seven Deadly Sins and their lovers.

Coming October 1, 2016:

Euphoria: The first in my Pleasures of Paradise trilogy, it's half-fantasy, half-modern where the laws of BDSM rule all - with a few fun twists!

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