Adrián Cammarata

Project Manager, Consultant, and Director in Madrid, España

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In this text you will find a brief resume of my professional life.

At this present time, I have more than 10 years of experience in the audio-visual stratosphere, at both national and international level. The incredibly diverse detail of the wide-ranging work I've undertaken since I started in the audio-visual industry has allowed my to professionally, develop, improve and learn different methods of working; and personally, experience and understand new cultures different from my own.

Five years ago, I started to focus my professional career more to the production side of the industry where I felt I could develop my grasp of the audio-visual marketplace further. From making this initial transition, I feel I've excelled in this area, effectively being able to plan a calendar of production, achieve maximum efficiency, introduce new techniques and concepts, offer attainable ideas and objectives, consistently meet health and safety regulations, whilst systematically, exceed the expectations of managers and artists alike and ultimately, offer an unrivalled experience for the audience.

At this moment in time, I hold the position as Director of Project Management at Emotion Experience, which is the market leading audio-visual organisation in Spain. Based in Barcelona, and in my current role, I am responsible for the output of a significant number of technical specialists, in what I could only describe as an energetic, high-powered and productive atmosphere; allowing our company to compete dynamically worldwide, serving the requirements of our clients and continually exceeding their expectations.

With the spare time I do have, I take an enormous amount of enjoyment in spending it in the countryside. That said, I have an unrivalled passion for outdoor pursuits; in particular, climbing and ski-ing. In these two particular pursuits, I continually aim for new goals, challenges and targets.

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    • Director of Project Management, Emotion Experience