Carrie Goodman

Small Business Owner in Negril, Jamaica

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So I finally decided to give it all up in the states, get away from everything. My failed marriage of 5 years, been divorced a year...the high price of living and the bullshit fitness industry in the states and the favoritism and politics that comes along with it. I had enough! I accepted my failures and I've accepted my life for what it is. I worked hard to get my body to competition standards and as a fitness model and competitor in the US, but after a couple years and no success and getting the run around, I finally said enough was enough. The competition was beyond anything I could handle, and decided it wasn't for me. Reality hit me and I was devastated because this was something I wanted for a long time. Then after my divorce, I lost it. I did a 180 and decided I needed to leave. I kept hearing about resort jobs overseas, so after searching for a short time, I found a job for a resort in Negril, Jamaica for Sandals Resorts as a personal trainer in their Negril location health spa and gym. I was super excited. After an interview process at their cooperate office in Dallas (I'm originally from Houston), they hired me. Within a month, I was gone and settled into my living quarters in Negril. I basically offer resort stayers advice and help in our health spa and gym facilities as a personal trainer if they want to workout during their vacation. When I'm not doing that, I walk the shore on our resort premises working on my tan and picking up trash and answering questions for resort stayers (if they know I work there that is). I don't wear a uniform when I'm on the beach like in the gym. On the beach I'm always in a bikini. You'll find pictures of them in my AOL Lifestream profile under photos. So I've been here in Negril a week now, so not very long at all.. My family isn't thrilled with what I did, but I don't care, I had to leave. I was a failure in the states, so maybe I can be something different here. As you know, my name is Carrie, and I'm 36 years old and I'm 5'3".