Centeine Christison

Web Developer, Designer, and Social Media Manager in Johannesburg, South Africa

I once watched a talk by Simon Sinek – at one point, he said “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”.

I fully understood and agreed with that – and yet, I found that the world of business has also become so much less about the why and so much more about the how much. At the very beginning, business (or trade) used to be about finding a demand and suppling the service or product. Now, we find so many companies that do the exact same thing, and only because that industry is profitable. It matters very little whether the current CEO believes in the reason behind that service. What matters is that the check doesn’t bounce when their salary comes in.

The profit margin has more sway than the personal intention.

Employees are more likely to stay loyal and ambitious if they believe in your why just as much as you do. Knowing that a company has ambitions that extend beyond profit (which leads to overworked or unenthusiastic employees) incites people to wake up every day and want to be there.

My mission is to create a business world, however small, that is less about the money and more about the people. Following your purpose, engaging with others, and really listening results in a fulfilled life, with profit as the byproduct and not the end goal.


I'm a frequent user of fancy words, writer of pompous articles, digital and traditional artist, social networking platform enthusiast, literature fanatic, chaotically organized and a professional coffee-drinker.

I'm half-Italian, half-South African, speak fluent Italian and French, with a little Afrikaans on the side. I'm also endeavouring to learn Dutch.

I often take art commissions in my spare time (and thoroughly enjoy doing them). I love talking to people from all over the world, who come from different walks of life.

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