Alessio Cordella

Tech Business Developer, Go-to-market strategist, and Cyber Security Passionate in Malta

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T-shaped professional over 2 years experience in ICT Business & Sales Development, demand generation consulting for Cybersecurity, Tech Fashion and Augmented Reality solutions, Merchant Onboarding alongside Medium and Large enterprise operating in finance, gaming and retail sectors.

I can help your business to define a go-to-market strategy and a sales funnel, to reach your target market, your early adopters or usual clients and create worm business opportunities in order to maximize and convert at most your leads into active clients. In addition, I help you to reach your target, early adopters or usual clients, in order to create focused and qualified opportunities to generate new clients or develop existing ones.

My approach is multi-channel and to success into these activities, I follow this process:
-> strategy planning
-> target audience
-> discovery
-> engagement
-> negotiation
-> nurture
-> close.

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