Alejandra Estrada

Student in Colima, México

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Hi there, my name is Maria Alejandra Estrada Tostado, I was born in July 13th of 2000 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. I study in the Bachillerato No.2. I like to listen Dua lipa, i like to talk with my friends, i like to watch series on Netflix the weekends. I don't like go to the school, i don't like breathe, i don't like the hot weather. The mondays i go to the swimming in the morning, tuesday i go to the run in the noon, wednesday i go to the swimming in the mornings, thursday i do my homework of etymology, friday i sleep all afteroon and the saturday i go out with my girlfriend Rocío. My hobby is watch gay porn. I never crying in my room all night, sometimes watch the beautiful womans in the street, usually i get up early and hardly ever i go to bad late. Once a month cook dinner, once a week check my e-mail, two or three times a week go out with my friends.