Anndrea Lye

Hapiness is:

1) eating something nice!!! (sweet stuffs lyk ice-cream..chocolates..)

2) laughin so much until your face hurts.

3) getting a cute email.. or a sms.. or a mms!

4) sleeping...vry vry loooooong... until i wake up naturally...

5) hearing my favourite song on the radio

6) seeing my parents pretendin 2 b newlyweds^^ aww~

7) going for camps!! whoa!! yay!!!!

8) giggling.. non stop.. til i burst into laughter or roll on the floor~

9) butterfly park!! national museum!! klcc aquaria!!

10) a nite at my super duper gud fren's hse!! yohoo^^ n chat til v sleep...

11) laughin at myself =.=

12) hot shower... with bubbles!! yay!

13) listenin 2 my sis talkin crap or her secrets..*.*

14) accidentally overheard something nice abt myself

15) lookin at old times cartoons.. ehehe~

16) sittin around.. with frens.. day dreamin..

17) shopping!!!!!!! ^_^v

18) lying on bed.. with my buk.. under the blanket..

19) the sound of the sea... the breeze of the wind..

20) making new frens... also gettin along with old frens~

21) playin with my dog..

22) giving me plush toys! soft toys! cute stuffs! as presentz^^

23) smiling at a cute n friendly stranger =D

24) in the playground.. swing!!

25) when the camera is directin towards me^^ hehehe

26) applogizing 2 someone I offended or argued with..

27) baking cookies n cakes! ( and eat it!! yes!!)

28) being with someone I appreciate..

29) when God sends someone 2 me when I'm in trouble..(tis is the bes part!!! n it 'll certainly b..)

30) when I found my 'the one'..(tis is the better part.. n yup.. it is^^)

31) watching the expression on someone's face as they open a much-desired present from me

32) knowing that somebody misses me @.@^^

33) lookin at someone of the opposite sex I admire..

34) singing.. at anytime.. anywhere..ahaha

35) finished a project or assignment..

36) watching a movie.. reading a buk..

37) spending my ti