Ahmed Kamel

Sysadmin and devops engineer in السعودية

I am a Sysadmin and devops engineer currently living in Saudi Arabia. I am interested in doing system administration and automation work especially in web hosting field.

I do have about 8 years of experience using and administrating Linux systems in a professional manner.
I have used variety of Linux distributions especially RedHat and Debian family, I have used a lot of tools under Linux systems to accomplish my work and the most effective ones are Varnish-Cache, Nginx, Apache, PHP-FPM, Bash, Python, Golang, Fabric, Ansible, Saltstack, Bind9, Pureftp, Vsftpd, cPanel, Webmin, Virtualmin, Postfix, Exim, Cron, Rsyslog, Monit, Nagios, Gitlab, Git, Iptables, Csf, Apf, Maldet, Clamav, Suhosin, Naxsi, Logstash, Cloudflare, Google-Pagespeed, SSH, Incrond, ,Memcached and Redis-Server.

I am an open source and automation guy who would love to be the reason for getting your next application deployed, automated or your server problem solved. and I will always be excited while doing this.

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