Andrew Kim

Student in Troy, Michigan

Work out with me

Andrew wants to live in a world where we aren't bound to any one thing. He believes the world should be a place for everyone to roam freely and enjoy!

Andrew takes a humanistic approach to life, so he always advocates that one should try to be the best they can. Also, being fit and in shape seems very important to him. What a hypocrite, if you ever see him in real life, he's eating like a pig. Well, he believes enjoying life should be the main thing.

Andrew's lifestyle is full of contradictions!

You wonder why? Even he doesn't understand that yet. Lifting and exercising 5-7 times a week, but eating McDonalds on a regular basis. Loves to play his computer all day long, but feels like death if he doesn't do something active. Loves all types of sports, but hates watching almost all types of sports. I guess he want's to experience different ends of the spectrum, which gives him a better perspective on life.

Andrew just wants to break social norms, so he tries things that would generally be looked down upon, but uses that negativity and uses to fuel his motivation.

After all that, how do we describe Andrew in two words?

(Extremely) Extremely Bubbly.