Krishna Chaitanya


I can change diapers, roll kayaks and sing the opera while planning a Martian invasion. Iam a Naval Officer.

An avid cycling activist, who believes that societal reforms must not be limited to initiatives that focus on an intellectual or social environment but must involve the landscape around us.

Landscape around a community forms an important part in building a communities character and my aspirations for cycling related urban reforms are an intrinsic subset of societal reforms that are the need of the hour in India.

The environment, art and people around me have a profound impact on the levels to which I challenge myself and on such occasions, I find myself traversing through the boundaries outlined by the left side of my brain to enter the "right”. Art has the power to foster a sense of collective culture and unity while respecting individuality. An illustration of how landscape can shape a community.

  • Education
    • Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University