Amy L. Nilson


If you are trying to read between the lines and can't figure this book out- perhaps you should try reading the prequel..dark humor, sick or delightful (based on what you like) ponderer, hopelessly sentimental and incurably nostalgic, determined, hopeful and lightly broodish, a peace craver, highly imaginative, an extroverted introvert, balance seeker, nocturnal, non - conforming, curious, artistic, controlled, paradoxical, detached ,intuitive, capricious, freedom loving, multifaceted, romantic, catalyst, easily bored, civilized, intense, inquisitive,quirky, unpossessive, shy, aloof, experimental, musical, altruistic , passionate, tactile, keenly observant ,discerning, concerned, complacent (on occasion), idealistic, lover of justice and redemption, conceptual weaver, proud but humble, persistent, verbose, lover of adjectives, always up for an adventure and challenge !

  • Work
    • Medical Arts
  • Education
    • State University of New York