Alexander Linder

Student and Lacrosse Coach in Ottawa, Kansas

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Hello! My name is Alexander Linder and I am currently a student at Ottawa University. I am a senior here in the Education department and have been attending Ottawa for two years, going on three. I am originally from Albany, New York and have always had aspirations of becoming an educator! I started my college career in Dover, Delaware at Wesley College where I was first a Physical Education major. Since then I have transferred my passion into the classroom where I am seeking to become a third to fifth grade teacher. I was first inspired to become an educator due to my fourth grade teacher continuously showing his dedication to creating a bond with students and encouraging them to become better students as well as people. Secondly, my high school lacrosse coach and gym coach inspired me as well simply because he was able to create an atmosphere where everyone felt comfortable and wanted to succeed. He also knew how to persistently push and get the most out of his players as well as students which helped propel me in my lacrosse and educational careers. All of these things I find very essential to student success inside and outside of the class room. These educators were able to prepare me for life ahead, to help me through the toughest times in life, and give me invaluable knowledge and wisdom that will help me excel greatly in life. All of these values they instilled in me, I would love to give back tenfold to communities around the country through educating and coaching our youth. in life it is very important our youth, the future of or world, are educated the proper way and in a way that is beneficial not only to ours, but most importantly their future that lies ahead!

  • Education
    • Ottawa University
    • Delaware Technical and Community College-Terry
    • Wesley College