André van Peppen

Looking for an experienced project/programme manager and director or advisor with a medical background?

As a healthcare consultant I offer you objective consulting services. I am ready to support your organization on a breadth of issues, ranging from high level strategies to discrete operational issues including healthcare and technology. My experience includes both healthcare management consulting as well as healthcare policy and development.
As a former long-term manager of cancer screening systems, I bring deep experience (20+ years) working with cancer screening systems, healthcare organizations and government agencies in the Netherlands. I am able to share expert knowledge and propose creative solutions and implementation strategies regarding the effective use of registration municipal personal records databases (GBA in the Netherlands) and am familiar with legal and ethical issues in healthcare. I am able to bring together a diverse set of skills to address particular challenges your healthcare organization might face and possess an extensive network of contacts with healthcare professionals.

My collaborative approach may help you achieve increased revenues, reduced costs, wastes, and excess, as well as improved organizational performance.

As a consultant I enjoy working with your management and executive staff to achieve strategic and operational goals in the following areas:
• Business Strategy and Vision
• Process Design and Re-engineering
• Performance Improvement Implementation
• Technology Strategy and Vision
• Technology Design and Requirements
• Program and Project Management

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