Anett Machleb

I live in Frankfurt Main / Germany. I am an economist, marketing expert and advertising consultant. Since 2009, business owner at A & M Advertising Agency.

A & M is a communication and PR Agency and offer a full range of PR and communication services. The A & M Agency is active on the international market.

A part of the work of the agency is also product-promotion and product advertising.

I am very creative and full of ideas person who constantly looking for the new challenges. I love fashion and music and this is a basis for my new idea - Artists and Models Management. In the artist-register of my Agency you can find models, who have modeled for famous companies for example: Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Montblanc, Nokia, Siemens, Ferrero, and famous jazz, swing, soul, opera singers and actors.

My passion is wine. I have "turned" this passion into a profession and founded in 2006 a Wine Trade Company Vinum. The company sells international wines and spirits and organize wine events around the world. We have extensive experience in dealing with VIP guests. Over the years we have arranged private wine tastings and events for: actors, singers, sport players, politican and high-profile business people. We have international sommelier service - around the world.

I am active in charitable work. I am preparing a CHARITY GOLF AND WINE EVENT AROUND THE WORLD in 20 countries - with international celebrities and
famous winemakers.

I am editor of the new "Golf, Wine & More" Magazine.