Adam Mauzy

Student in Athens, GA

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My name is Adam Mauzy and I enjoy building and flying drones. Building things has always been a passion of mine, and recently I took it upon myself to build a first person view (FPV) racing drone. I had never really tampered with electronics before this, but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. From picking parts and components to flying, the process drew me in. There's something special about being able to create a machine that allows you to see the world from so many different perspectives. The FPV aspect is what does it for me; when I put the FPV goggles on, I become the drone. Ever since I was little I can remember wondering what it would be like to have the freedom of a bird. I know it isn't exactly the same, but its probably the closest I can get to experiencing the same luxuries that birds have (within my budget). In some ways its arguably better than being a bird. For example, when I crash, I don't die. Nothing can do the experience of participating in flying an FPV drone justice. It is simply an amazing experience, and allows me to do what I want. I can chase birds, go through tiny places, do flips, go 400 feet into the air, and so much more that is still mind blowing and incomprehensible to me. Progress in the FPV drone community is unceasing and so is my passion for the hobby.