Alberto Melendez Gomez

Student, Photographer, and Chef in Gurabo, Puerto Rico

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I am a student, photographer, and chef currently living in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. I'm studying at the University of Puerto Rico, Recinto Humacao. In these university, I'm studying graphic designer and my specialty will be about photography. In my daily activity I like to ride bikes, exercise and play basketball, most of the time I even play video games or watch television. I like helping people in every aspect of the time and in everything, for those things I gain experience for my future. My interest are in technology, I'm looking forward to learn new things of it; animals, giving my life to help and protect the animals that are in danger, giving them a home, etc.; photographs, I like them for one cost and is for having memories of all the things I do for other people and share those experience with everyone I know.