Amanda Melton

Student, Writer, and Filmmaker in Wilmington, North Carolina

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Amanda Melton is a director, editor and writer with a focus in documentary filmmaking. She was the director, DP and editor of her documentary short, She Will…, a film which focused on an all-girls school for underprivileged youth in Wilmington. Over the summer of 2018, she worked as a continuity supervisor for a narrative short titled, Shoot the Duck. Amanda has had an interest in the production side of filmmaking since she was a young child, often obsessing over behind the scenes footage found online or on DVDs. However, it was not until attending UNCW, as a Film Studies major, that she began to appreciate critical theory responses to films. Amanda will be graduating in Spring 2019 and currently utilizes her spare time editing her own projects and writing short essays contextualizing various aspects of film history. Her current project focuses on controversy surrounding a secretive cult in North Carolina.