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Allison Moon


If I were a cell in a human body I would be a blood cell. I have an inseparable connection with the heart and the continuous rhythm of in breath and out breath. I receive information via a sort of whole being porousness. I travel between vastly different parts of this greater body we are a part of and I have the ability to exchange information and vital nutrients with every meeting. Because I do not stay in one place or interact only with one particular part of the body I have a good grip on the bigger picture and an enhanced ability to understand the various parts as well. My interactions cause me to be continually bursting at the seams with ideas and inspiration but I was never meant to own these things. I was meant to deliver them to those who are waiting to receive them and head off again to explore and connect anew.

Every encounter in life is an exchange.

What will you take? What will you impart? What will we learn? What will we create?

If you are curious to find out, send me a message and connect!

  • Education
    • University of Oregon