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Austin Morley

My name is Austin Morley, I am a junior at Grand Valley State University. I am currently studying advertising and public relations with a minor in business. Here at Grand Valley I am on the club dodgeball team (no its not like the movie) we travel all over and compete against other schools. This past year we won the national championship which took place at the University of Kentucky. Also September 20th-22nd myself and 6 of my teammates will be heading to Las Vegas to compete in a tournament for $20,000 on national television! In my free time I like to hang out with my friends watch football play video games, I also like to stay active so I try to workout as much as possible and run to stay in good shape. Playing basketball, baseball, football and golf are things that I do for fun. I am a huge sports fan, love all Detroit sports and also am a Michigan State fan. I enjoy listening to music and i can listen to just about everything but country and have been to a lot of concerts.