A. N. Bayat

Writer in the United States

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I'm a dynamic, creative and insatiably curious problem solver. For the past 28 years, I have been a writer on many different levels, as a beginning, an amateur and as a professional writer. The last 24 years, I have delved into professional writing. I have written extensively for a variety of different print and online publications as well as credits for helping to develop as a lecture series writer, ghostwriter and speechwriter. My journalistic emphasis is as a news, features and opinion writer. I focus on the undiscovered and unidentified perspectives of everyday topics. In my writing and photography, I strive to connect through the social perception of the human experience.

At different times in my life, I have found myself in positions which helped to develop my leadership abilities and to encourage an adaptable and progressive set of professional practices and savvy. Calling myself a journalist did not come simply as a change in a byline. It came as a hard-earned moniker espousing my identity and ethics. I wouldn't claim the responsibility without first immersing myself in the idea of being a voice and living it.

Contributing to the field of journalism came after several years as an ethnographer. Those years, I focused on academic research and historical documentaries.

I experience the world through the human eyes and voices of a myriad of cultures, genders, religions and ethnicities. In that respect, I endeavour to share those experiences through writing.

As a journalist, I stand for social consciousness and integrity as the voice