A. Noni Huria

Virginia, United States

I am on a journey of self discovery, reminding myself I am capable of anything.

My happiness is mine and mine alone and I want to share it with everyone. I recently learned what happiness means to me and how invaluable it is to my future. Because of that I will not let my past dictate how I live my present.

After taking a few years off from college I'm ready to go back and finish the year and half I have left. I know that going back to school, being on my own, and holding down a full time job will be hard but I'm up for it because I know it will worth the work.

Currently I'm looking for guidance on how to achieve everything I want and need out of life. Plenty of people have done it and I want to pick as many brains as possible to seek out my own path.

If you've done this and think you can teach it email me. I love learning from people and I'm always up for a new adventure no matter where it takes me.

  • Work
    • many jobs, so little time, still struggling
  • Education
    • Some College