A.R Clipping Specialist

Designer in Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

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A.R. Clipping Specialist is such an offshore outsourcing company whose CEO and Founder is Mr. Ashraful Alam. He is as a Graphics Designer with more than 14 years’ experience. He was established a Printing press and a design house in Bangladesh in 2002 it’s called A.R. Graphics House BD. Mr. Ashraful Alam He is excellent in his work. He has been servicing through the organization from 2002 and have built up very good reputation nationally and internationally.

A.R Clipping Specialist:

A.R. Clipping Specialist Within the framework of the vast digital platform, graphic designing and Photo Editing has become identical, while there may be just one chance of capturing a moment in time, but there are unlimited ways to creative its image for a discerning viewer. The image can be manipulated, masked, enhanced, clipped, backgrounds remove. A clear cut optical fantasy can be created by graphic artists. This is what makes A.R. Clipping Specialist a creative company. That brings alive a magical quality. It is an offshore photo editing workstation that has experienced and talented 50 professionals working 24/7.