Angela S. Burke

Kent, Uk

I work as an editor, SEO content writer and translator in the gaming industry and have a wide range of experience in writing marketing texts in German and English for websites dealing in products and services. I also translate websites, marketing texts and product descriptions from English to German and vice versa.
In addition, I write German news articles relating togaming, poker and online casinos.

• Online Gaming
• Outdoor Clothing and Accessories
• Sports Clothing
• Garden Furniture and Garden Products
• BBQs and Accessories
• Natural and BPA-free Products for Children and Adults
• Properties/Real Estate and Holidays
• Gemstone jewellery
• Legal documents

I am a qualified and experienced translator for German and English and have been living in the UK and Ireland since 1985.

My additional skills are:
Content writing in both languages (websites, SEO keywords)
Editing and Proofreading
CMS packages including Magento and ZenCart
CRM databases including SalesForce
Web design software including Dreamweaver
Microsoft Office Specialist
PPC including Google AdWords
Voice over for product videos
Google Analytics
Touch typing with speeds up to 65 wpm
Social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube
Photo editing
eBay and eBay shops
Translation of subtitles for feature films and corporate videos

I specialise in online content and website translation.

Please email me (using the button at the top) if you think that my skills could be useful for your project or website.

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