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My name is Andrius Saulis. I was born in 1986 and I've been studying and actively applying women psychology, pickup and seduction since 2006. I've been through the whole mess; starting from being a complete and utter joke with women to sleeping with models for whom most guys would lop off their right hand. At the moment, I've completely lost count with how many girls I've slept with, but it's well over 300, and I have taken pictures with most of them naked. I can't say that the journey's been easy, but it has definitely been worth it! In fact, when first starting out, being completely awkward and lacking any sort of confidence - it was absolutely brutal! However, if you put a certain amount of time and effort into something - everything can be mastered!

Eventually I started teaching and giving advice on seduction and dating to friends and strangers, amassing a modest following on certain internet forums. I've only recently decided that it was time to write something down, and made a first draft of a guide. The people that read it had nothing but high praises and spurred me on to finally make it into a legitimate and full-fledged book. That's when I doubled down and finished it, appropriately calling it - The Saulis Dating Guide - A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get Laid on The First Date.

For more information on the guide, you can visit http://www.saulisdating.com or read my blog where I frequently post useful dating advice at https://saulisdating.wordpress.com


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