Ariel Silverman

Ariel Silverman

Ariel Silverman is a SW Validation engineer at Intel, Israel; that means he is very passionate about quality and loves to talk about SW development from the perspective of quality throughout all of the development process.

Ariel loves to doing programming, testing, data mining and big data analysis and also enjoys training others in these fields. He codes in Python, JavaScript, Java, C#, C++ and C and scripts mostly in PowerShell and bash.

When he is not at his cubicle, Ariel is probably dancing salsa in the local club, enjoying the culinary offers in his surroundings or learning something new about people, languages and culture.

If Ariel doesn't know something, he will probably make sure to learn it asap as he enjoys discovering all the wisdom and knowledge the world has to offer, he loves talking and can prove himself and intelligent peer for discussion over any subject imaginable.

  • Work
    • Intel Corporation
  • Education
    • Foundation Level Test Professional (Israel Testing Community Board)
    • B.Sc. Computer Engineering (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)