Murcia, España

I am passionate about new technologies especially mobile technologies and everything related to this world.

I began to study Technical Engineering in Computer Engineering in a University of Murcia because of my passion for computer science.
In the career I learnt general skills of computer science.
There I majored in Computer Graphics and Multimedia. The first smartphones were the reason why I decided the way of Computer Graphics and Multimedia.

When I finished the career, I began to work in a company in Murcia, called INFORGES. I worked in eCommerce proyects there.
While I was working in Inforges I began to studied a degree in Computer Engineering in School of Engineering, University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM), because of my interest in learn more about computer science.
In this period of my life I discovered my real passion which is mobile technologies. Then I had to leave my job because of there I could not grow up as mobile developer in that company.

After that I met with a college classmate who was working in a important company in Murcia which is dedicated to develop mobile aplications, called Droiders.
He gave me the oportunity to work there and I began to work there because I knew that this was that I had to do to become an important IOS developer.

Currently I am a IOS Developer in a important company of IT Consulting, dedicated to software development specialized in complete platforms web+API & Apps mobile and/or tablet (Droiders).

In Droiders I have met a exceptional team who has teached me everything that I know.
In this company I have collaborated in social network projects and others projects related with my passion.
The project wich I feel more proud is a XMPP client wich is currently in progress.

Now I want to continue grow up as mobile developer and continue grow up a computer engineer.

  • Work
    • Droiders (Beltia SLNE IT Consulting)
  • Education
    • School of engineering, University of Castilla La Mancha
    • School of Information System an Computer Science, University of Murcia