Anna Sullivan

Student in Athens, Georgia

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Hi I'm Anna and I am 5’12! That’s my funny way of telling people that I am six feet tall. When you’re a tall person (particularly a tall girl) you get asked the “woah you’re tall, how tall are you question” a lot. I had to find a way to spice up my answer. The look on people’s faces is priceless after they figure out what my little joke is. Oh, and I don’t play volleyball or basketball, the weather is great up here, and yes, I can fit into cars! One night I was feeling particularly frisky after a random man asked me what volleyball team I played for. I just said the name of an elite club my friend played for and then proceeded to pretend I had a scholarship to Stanford for volleyball. That’s just the kind of thing you do when you get asked that question every single day of your life. Don’t worry I’m not a pathological liar; that’s the only time I’ve done something that wild. Also, being taller than the bathroom stall you’re in is always fun! People get a little freaked out when they look in the mirror and see my eyes/ head above the stall staring at them. Being tall clearly comes with some pros and cons but I’ve come to love it! It’s a great conversation starter, I always stand out from the crowd, and when you see other tall people you instantly have a little connection.