Amy Taylor

I distinctly remember jumping on the back of my Mum's three speed step-through Raleigh. My white carrier seat, with a little yellow duck stamped in the middle was my journey to the library to hire puzzles. These big wooden block puzzles in their material bags were my obsession and I had to solve them as soon as we got home.

"It's simple. They say what you were doing as a child indicates what you should be doing for the rest of your life. What kind of play were you doing?" - Offscreen Magazine

This is what I do. My puzzles today vary from photo essays, to team management and organisational innovation to get the best return out of people and projects. Professional, flexible, and creative, I offer a unique combination of planning and critical analysis skills, with the ability to manage people. If you would like to have a coffee and a chat as to how I can help your team for short or long term projects email me here.


Author of two books
Voted New Zealand Coach of the Year
Masters degree with first class honours