Alexis Zaragoza

Student and Scrub Tech. in San Antonio, Texas

In the city of San Antonio,Texas lived a girl named Alexis Zaragoza. Which is me, I am a senior who attends Theodore Roosevelt High School. Traveling while helping those in need has always been one of my aspirations in life -- by ‘in need’ I’m talking about those who can’t afford to pay for medical services or those who don’t have any medical services at all. I can pursue a career in health or I can always volunteer with “Love Volunteer”.Love Volunteer is a medical all round travel, volunteer service that is really affordable and something I’d look forward to doing. My goal is to maintain an A-B average at school while studying medical tool terminology . Going to school hasn’t always been something I’m good at, I’d rather start my profession quickly than waiting a few more years to get a life started. So fingers crossed right after graduation, I can jump right into my career, which is a Surgical Technician. A Surgical Tech (also known as scrub) is someone who assists the surgeon and others is the operation by sterilizing equipment and handing them instruments upon request. Although, it doesn’t take very long to get a degree in this career they happened to get paid very well and I want to be able to possess a stable financial life; however, I’m not the type of women to be dependent on someone, I like be being my own person. A very adventurous and all around generous person yet I’m very clumsy and quirky is who I am. And this is what I enjoy looking forward to for the next 1 or 2 years.