A1 Plastic

Corporate Profile

Having started business in 1975 with mould production in various sectors such as furniture, automotive, white goods and construction, Özemek secured its position in the sector producing plastic profiles in 1996 and PVC edge bands in 2000.

Özemek summarizes its sense of quality and service with the passion for "reaching perfection". As the leading brand of innovative solutions, Özemek is the most followed enterprise of its sector thanks to A1 color, pattern and product range...

Our company produces the moulds, which it designs by employing today's technology, within its own structure. This characteristic brings along speed and quality. Our company, which brings the production in different sectors together under the same roof and which is directed based on the effect of synergy it provides, is an expert in plastic profile production. Having 15 advanced extrusion lines and more than 100 employees across the country, Özemek renders service in different sectors at home and abroad with a PVC processing capacity of 600 tons/month in an indoor area of 7000 m².