Steve Patton

car repair in Auckland, New Zealand

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StevePatton is the owner of A 1 Smash Repairs.Along with his professional panel beater team inAuckland, he has been serving many drivers for more than 20 years.He finds it important to lessen the stress that vehicle owners feel when theyget involved in any minor or major road accident and collision.

Steveand his team understands the hassle that vehicle owners have to go through, asnot everybody has the luxury of time or money to replace their car immediately.Being one of the leading crash repair specialists, he tries to keep a reasonablerate for their repair and dent removal services inAuckland. He makes sure that his team provides all the necessary services,from dealing with insurance companies to the actual vehicle repair. Steve reaches out to drivers in need, making him one of the leadingpanel beaters in Auckland. He aims to transform damaged vehicles by making them look brand new. He keeps a positive relationship with the finest auto suppliers in New Zealand, so he can get good deals on spare parts.

Call Steve today at (09) 634 5173 for any vehicle repair anddent removal need in Auckland.