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ZHEJIANG DAMING NEW MATERIAL JOINT STOCK CO.,LTD (former HUAYUAN ELECTRIC HEAT) was founded in 1995. We are a national demonstration project of new & high-tech industry, the key investment enterprise of National Development and Investment Corporation and a participation unit of drafting of national standard of the "Self Regulating Heating Cable" and "Self-Regulating Heating Element". It is the high grade enterprise supported by the local government. The first new three board listed company in FuYang. It is located on the beautiful bank of the FuChun River. The company registered capital of 33.5 million yuan, covers an area of 4020㎡. A total construction area of 23000 square meters.

We are one of the largest electric heat cable and related products manufacturers in domestic, the existing production of Self-Regulating Heating Cable wire, sheet and other related products for more than 15 years of history. We are specializing in polymer positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor materials research and related product development, manufacturing. After 15 years of development, has a large-scale production base, the annual output can reach more than thousand meters electric heat cable wire. Company became one of China's largest manufacturers of heating cable. At the same time started a big Ming brand in the heating industry.

The company has production and industrialization products are polymer positive temperature coefficient thermistor material (PPTC), self-regulating heating cable, constant wattage parallel heating cable series products, the sampling tube bundles series products, self-regulating heating element, SMW PTC floor heating system, industrial automation instrument panel, platform, box, cabinet, etc. At the same time, the company also provides complete sets of engineering, thermal insulation engineering thermal control equipment and flue gas continuous online monitoring (CEMS) engineering, floor radiant heating system, etc. The company products cover in the electricity, chemical industry, petroleum, storage, environmental protection, construction civil and other areas.