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South Korea

Brian Peric endurance Mountain Bike

TESoL instructor, Adventure cyclist, Motorcyclist [Retired] after five (5) North American solo-marathons between 1994-1998. In 60 days, I traveled 24,000Km. Now an English Teacher in South Korea. HIMALAYASX2011 I have cycled across western China deserts and the Himalayas in 3200km in 38 culturally rich days. I chronicled my expedition in video, journal and photography while crossing the Tian Shan Mountains, expansive deserts of Xinjiang Uighur East Turkestan, the 552km north-south route across the Taklamakan Desert. I journeyed along the old southern Silk Road through Poplar trees and Uighur villages eating explosive watermelons, speaking to locals in 3 languages and enjoying an epic mountain bike ride. I entered the Aksai Chin mountains over 3000 meters above sea level and rode unpaved roads through the desert, past camels, past small mountain villages, into military areas along the Pakistan borders before being removed by Chinese military once detected. Stage two: I cycled 600km back to Kashgar on the northern Silk Road and continued my route from Chengdu, Sichuan to the Himalayas on another unique route I read through maps. I weaved through 3-4500 meter peaks and dined with Nomadic Tibetans, Sichuan, and Yi peoples once I crossed the Yunnan borders at Lugu Hu, a magnificent lake at 3000 meters altitude. Yunnan province weaving through a variety of landscapes, 4000 meter tunnels, into homes of locals and wild camping everywhere for the nights. MONGOLIAX2012 I cycled and trekked on foot solo and unsupported across 2500km 1553 miles of Outer Mongolia. 2500km in 38 cycling days, +7 days rest and injury days. Mongolia being so geographically and culturally rich and topographically humbling, my route traced across the mountainous Steppe plateau altitude +- 40,000 meters +- 131,134 feet (twice altitude gain summit of Mount Everest from sea level) on a unique route I planned myself. 1 year of painful physio and recovery. Mongolia was the most exotic trip I have taken to date. A warm Nomadic and pastoral culture that lives sparsely populated across 1,557,000 sq Kilometers of arid Steppe close to their land, animals, and mother nature. Although Mongolians have long endured and suffered under Soviet and Chinese, they are a free people and their land is sacred to them too.

TOTHEROCKTOUR In 2013, I completed a third bicycle to Lake Louise, Canada. 3400km 2000 miles in 30 days reconnecting to my homeland c

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