Qash Da Money Addict

ann arbor

Cedric ange joel gbah or Qash Aka Qash Da Money Addict is an African American Rapper from a country in west africa named the Ivory Coast. Qash and his borther Yvon arrived for the first time in the States on August 07, 2009. Qash came to the States without speaking english. He learned english here in the States at a High School called pioneer High School. Qash and just like many other Immigrants who comes here to make a leaving came here for a batter chance of life, "I came here so i can be super rich one day" Qash says! Qash did not always like rap music at first, he used to get mad at his brother for always playing music, he used to hate artists like lil wayne, nikki minaj, etc.... because he found them offensive, then one day at school, Yvon and another a friend of Qash and Yvon named Moussa or Muss encouraged Qash to listen to hip hop. Qash went home later on that evening and grabbed his aunt's nelly cd and started listening to it. Little by Little Qash started adopting to to hip hop and he liked it so much that he decided to also be a hip hop artist.

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