Adil Khan


I am an Electronics Design Engineer at A5 Solutions. I love designing Embedded Systems. This is one of my life Ambition to design toughest technical projects. What makes me standout from otherapplicants is that, after office timings especially in the evenings and weekends, I worked as Freelance Electronics Project Designer for Individuals, Hobbyist, Students, Academicians and Industry Engineers. Besides this, I have also setup my Embedded Workbench at home for Electronics System Designing. I am constantly improving my technical skills in the areas of FPGA and DSP based System Designs, ARM Architectures, Embedded Linux, C and RTOS. And, I also write blogs on Embedded System Designs where you can find all of my project details which I have done so far in my professional, hobby and academic career.
I have completed B.E. in Electronics Engineering with 3.74/4.00 CGPA from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology in 2011. During my coursework at university, I have written two Research Publications-one of them published in IEEE Pakistan Journal; achieved five National Awards from various universities; designed Ten major coursework Projects and developed distinguished Technical Skills.
Contact me if you find any guidance in any of these skills.