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Asma Kazi

Asma Kazi

From Zoology journals to Excel sheets to colouring outside the lines, the inspiration to my art comes from the most unlikely of places.

I find myself being like a kid in the candy store, looking wide eyed at all the Magic around me. Love Playing Alice in Wonderland – Seeing all the wonders, the enchantment around me.

Kaleidodrama is a view of my enchanted world. Of connecting the dots, reconnecting them. Tall stories. Flawed ones. Lopsided & Loud. Colored. Stories to stay.

My art at first glance is a happy assemblage of abstract imaginary ecosystems, peacocks, butterflies & brightly hued faces. Giving one the impression of festivity & of being in a carnival. The work however is also strongly symbolic in nature, revolving around themes of chaos, the feminine, metamorphosis, duality, the fantastical, birth and decay.

I play with a mix of media in creating my art. The modes of expression in my constantly evolving work swings from abstract expressionism, figurative themes,to pop art, & the repetitive patterns of zentangles. I sometimes draw inspiration from the beauty in nature, and the other times dwell In the abstract of parallel universes and the chaos theory.