Ahmed M. Gomaa

Giza, Egypt

Ahmed is a Senior Telecom Engineer who has more than 4 years experience in Mobile Telecom industry, attended to Tiba Academy in Faculty of Enginnering and attained B.Sc. of Electronics and Telecom Engineering.

Currently, Ahmed is working in Alkan C.I.T as a Senior O&M Engineer in Vodafone Egypt Maintenance Project, Greater Cairo area.Providing both Preventive Maintenance & Corrective Maintenance to the Network to ensure optimal performance and services are running smoothly.

Previously, He has worked for Ericsson in Installation Dept. responsible for Rollout, Installation, Expansion and Upgrading of GSM/GPRS and UMTS/LTE Sites for several Network Operators such as : Vodafone Egypt and Etislat Misr.

I Have Worked on all Ericsson Equipment starting from Pico/Micro Cells to SPO. I have solid experience in RBS2000/RBS6000 for 2G Technology and RBS3000/RBS6000 for 3G and LTE Technology.Providing Installation, Commissioning, Upgrading, Integration and Troubleshooting. Plus, I have Excellent Knowledge on ML-TN such as : 2p,6p,20p,CN and ML-E, and also SIAE ME TX Nodes. Also excellent experience in Battery and Power Cabinets: BBS2000/BBS2000i, PBC6500, PBC6200 and PBC02.

Plus, I have worked also on ZTE Radio Equipment such as: ZXR SDR8800/8900 Cabinets for both 2G and 3G Technologies. Also, I have Hands on Experience of Huawei Equipment as BTS3900/3900A and DBS3900 for 2G/3G technologies. I also have good experience in ISP Links as Intracom, Plus good knowledge in Alcatel LSY9600 LH TX Nodes.

I also have excellent knowledge in related SW, as OMT, Ericsson Element Manager, WinFIOL, SELMA (SIU Element Manager), Mini-Link Craft and Mini-link Service Manager for ML-E.

I also have strong knowledge in MoSHELL/AMOS Tools and Strong Integration Skills

Ahmed is interested in Telecommunications, Information Technology, Programming Languages, VLSI, FPGA, Digital Circuits Design, Electronics and Computer Science.

  • Work
    • O&M Engineer
  • Education
    • BSc of Electronics and Telecom Engineering