Shyanne Sullivan

Hey! I'm Shyanne<3 I love Avenged Sevenfold, and have since 2003-2005. <3 I love Jimmy, Matt, Brian, Zacky, Johnny, and Arin <3 Welcome To The Freaking Family, Arin<3 We love you. Avenged Sevenfold & Pinkly Smooth are my life. A PROUD member of the A7x Family.♥ Jimmy.Johnny.Zacky.Matt.Syn.<3 Killjoy name is Cyanide Exploder <3 I'm a musician. RIP Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, February 9 1981 - December 28 2009 <3 A huge part of me died with him. <3 Tacos. Stallion Duck. Music, reading. Quiet but loud. Doing stupid stuff. Hot Topic. Friends and Family. Death Bat. Posters. Creativeness. CDs. Sleep<3. Fun. Jimmy. Johnny Appreciation. Kittens. Animals. Writing all over my arms and legs. Sharpies. Lyrics. Interwebs. Concerts. Dream Theater. Pantera. Metallica. Iron Maiden. Jimmy's Smiles. Matt's Dimples. Johnny's Shortness. Zacky's Bowties. Syn's Hats. I love each and every one of the guys just the way they are. They're all beautiful and perfect in every way. I'm a die hard fan who supports them every step of the way <3 "Do You Remember, We Called You Family. Now Your Underground, We Call You Memory. Memory...Gone."