Andy Hawkins

Jacksonville, Florida

10 years of broad hands-on application development, data management and high availability networking technology experience. Truly passionate for technology and innovation in all it’s forms. Proven expertise in all aspects of building and scaling LAMP environments including security and optimization.

Performance Programming, Diagnostic Debugging, Server Management and Interaction, Maintain 10000+ file projects with ease, Managing a cluster of 30+ devices/servers with ease, Multitasking, Being very flexible working without technical spec documents, Single Handed Management (From Server Architecture to the Graphic Layout) , QA, and Development of Large Scale Projects.

Specialties: Working with cutting edge technology, ability to design outside the box to increase performance, and future feature sets.

Developing, Covering a few states, we provide voters with all the information they need to be an informed voter, as well as providing Candidates with an advertising platform that is highly targeted to their potential voters.

Before eVoter I developed and deployed the site which was the fastest growing website for the month of August 2007 with a record of 973% growth!
Since then has changed to, I managed a team of 17 developers, managing the daily technical needs of, from architecture to coding. Anointed Master Of Everything (MOE) also referred to as

Developed a system of converters (from parts from radio shack) for an old AIX UNIX POS Server to allow windows devices to connect to them, saving the company roughly 15 thousand dollars if provided from a third party (licensing issues).