Ahmed Alnimr

Consultant, Life Coach, and Public Speaker in Cairo, Egypt

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Instructor and Training Consultant and Holds numerous certificates in the areas of technology and entrepreneurship
I'm Currently Working as a Instructor in the Fields of IT, Planning and Creative Thinking.
I Develop a lot of Ideas and Control many Talents.
Owned the YouTube channel offers new programs produced by myself and some Specialized Pages and I Partner with the Improving research team of google Running a lot of Complicated search operations Online with Google.
Get Experience and Learn new Skills Daily until I got my Practical Experience For more than 10 years.
My Dream is to be the CEO of the Largest Entity on the Internet.
This is What Will Be.
Interested in Reading, Swimming and Listening to Music, Trips and all that has to do with Technology.
adore the horses and its arts and skillful at some of these arts.

  • Work
    • International Certified Trainer
  • Education
    • Network Engineering Diploma
    • Master of Business Administration for Web