Boxx Cloud

Who Do I Think I Am?

Honestly - I haven’t a clue, anymore.

I’ve mucked around being one person or another to the point where the streams haven’t just blurred, they’ve crossed completely.

And if there’s one thing that Ghostbusters taught me - it’s that you should never cross the streams.

So anyway, this is me starting again - reborn like some sort of 21st Century phoenix, only less awesome.

In short I’m a recovering, self-harming, depression suffering, cloud-loving, movie nerd and tv geek. I'm an erratic reader, an occasional writer, an amateur doodler and a constantly horny son-of-a-gun.

I will write and collect all sorts of things like the techno magpie I am. Some will be aimless rambles, some will be stories, some will be rants, but it's fair to say most of it will definitely be NSFW. If you're easily offended or under 18 - TURN BAAACK!

Still here? Ok, then. Buckle up and come with me if you want to not die...