Ashley Hughes

Student and Small Business Owner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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What’s up, I’m Ashley! I’m a 24 year old mom of a 7 year old daughter. I started my journey to having my own business in September of 2017. I watched for 4 years as 2 of the ladies I followed work this business and be able to leave their corporate jobs! I watched and watched until I finally got tomhe courage to finally join. I decided I’m tired of struggling and living paycheck to paycheck. I’m tired of going to my mediocre job and being too exhausted to do anything because I put all my energy into something I’m not passionate about. I know I deserve more! I deserve freedom! I’m now working towards my main goal of making this business my only source of income so I too can work solely from home and not miss out on anything. The best part is that I get to help other so the same and help them get healthy! My true passion is to help people and with this business I am able to do that and I want to help you too!