A Jam

Hi ! My name is Jam, and here, you will know a little bit more about me !

I'm french, and I'm fifteen. I live in a city named Noisy-Le-Sec since something like 2000.

My parents are divorced, so I live with my mother. I have an half sister named Léa. She just have four years old, and she doesn't live with me. I think it's better like that !

I hope that I'm kind of nice, peacefull, optimistic and friendly person, because that's what I want to be !

I like to meet friends and just speak with them. I generaly like to meet new people too, know how they think and theirs passions. Unfortunally I become a shy personn when I want to go talk by my self to unknow ones !

I enjoy playing sport but not in some clubs. I prefer playing with friends when I can, to basket-ball, tennis, football or just alone like when I learn to play skateboard.

I'm a geek too, since long years ago. I have a little vidéo-games culture. I often play with friends to many ones.

I haven't a real hobbie, I just want to have fun !

So that's all, good-bye everyone !