austin texas

i am a 27 year old mother. i grew up in this mysterious world not really feeling apart of anything. something about this place never really felt right to me. my life wasnt easy growing up, and my adulthood has had major ups and downs.

i have always been a dreamer. when i would lay my head down at night a whole new world opened up to me, i can do extraordinary things in my sleep. at times my dreams were better than my reality. when i was younger i noticed that when someone i knew passed away i would dream of them. i brushed it off for many years thinking that this was normal and everyone probably had similar experiences. as i got older and more people i knew passed, something about those dreams changed or at least something about me changed. i became more aware and wanted to understand why this was happening to me. come to find out i am apart of a family of psychic women, my ancestors were traditional native american healers. something that i believe has been passed on to me. i learned that many women in my family had some abnormal dreams like myself, and i also learned that many people who surrounded me did NOT. i kept this to myself for a very long time, feeling very diffferent and afraid of judgment. this is me, god gave me a gift of empathy and he allowed me to be sensitive to the spirit world. now that i have a child of my own who is also showing signs that she is psychic it is my job to help her understand where she comes from. that her abilities are great and many. starting from a young age i understood death but i also knew that death was not the end, that there was more and we moved on to other places. i sensed spirits and saw them when i was younger. i dream and hear them now. i hope with my testimony others who are going through this will open up so we can ban together and together figure out our purpose on this mysterious planet we now call home.